Concrete Block

Pacific Bay Masonry excels at the skill of CMU (concrete masonry unit). We are well-skilled and experienced in building Multi-level garages, Car Dealerships, mini-storages, both retail and industrial buildings, site walls, and trash enclosures. Many of our projects feature CMU with exterior finishes, such as ground face, Spiltface and precision finishes giving your project the look you envisioned.

Stone and Brick Veneer

Pacific Bay Masonry will perform an exceptional job laying both manufactured and natural stone, ensuring that stone is laid by design, size and color, as requested. Pacific Bay masonry prides itself in leaving the project with clean look to every exterior application. Both thin and full brick, we ensure to our customer that the product we install is to their liking as well as their standard.


On many projects, Pre-cast has been performed. Pacific Bay Masonry tops walls with custom precast caps, sills and trims. We excel in using large precast veneer to give the aesthetic look to the project you are going for.