About Us

About pacific bay masonry

Pacific Bay Masonry is seeking clients that value integrity, expertise and experience in Masonry Construction. On time, accurate, reliable bids with detailed project scopes are a necessity for General Contractors and thus a company priority. Extensive manpower, modern equipment and countless resources allow Pacific Bay Masonry to perform any project no matter the size. The dynamic and progressive team embraces technology in order to provide an accurate & timely flow of information. Clients appreciate Pacific Bay Masonry’s knack to anticipate problems and find creative, effective solutions prior to job delays or added expenses. They are dedicated to working with your management team and other subcontractors to provide safe, fast, and reliable results.

Pacific Bay Masonry employs a merit based workforce of highly experienced craftsman, and prides itself on the integrity of the relationship between management and employees. The company provides competitive compensation, as well as medical and retirement benefits for all employees. Most of the team members have worked for the company in excess of 10 years; supervisors each have 20 plus years experience in the industry. Pacific Bay Masonry understands the importance of autonomy on a jobsite; although Ray Wetmore personally oversees each project, employees at every level have the authority and expertise to make important decisions. This unique relationship has cultivated an environment that promotes quality work done right, on-time and on budget.

Company History

Company was established in 1986, by two Irish masons, Mike McGrath and Martin King who immigrated to this country only 3 years prior. Ray Wetmore later joined the team to do the estimating and administrative work. With steadfast determination and a strong work ethic they succeeded to grow and become a respected force in the commercial masonry market. The company has an excellent reputation for getting work done quickly and efficiently. In 1998 the company was incorporated as Martin King Masonry, in May of 2003 the corporation name was change to Pacific Bay Masonry. Martin as since left the company to pursue other opportunities, but Ray and Mike continue the tradition of hard work and strong commitment to getting the job done right and on schedule.

Current Qualifications

  • Company owned equipment
  • Financially secure, Bondable up to $8 million
  • Insured for GL up to $2M, WC $1M, Excess Liability $5M
  • Certified: Small Business Enterprise
  • Experienced, responsive, fast paced quality performance

Company Personnel

Ray Wetmore

President / Owner

Ray has been in the Masonry Industry since 1978 and has owned and managed Pacific Bay Masonry since 1999. The company has more than doubled their sales and has become a respected industry expert in large public & private masonry projects over 20 years. To stay up with current building and masonry industry issues. Ray personally oversees every project from the estimating table to the finished product. He prides himself on the company’s reputation of professionalism, quality work and on time performance. Good relationships and satisfied clients are his first priority.

Kristy Auerbach

Secretary / Treasurer

Kristy has specialized in administrative management for the over 20 years. She brought that experience with her when she started at Pacific Bay Masonry in 2003. Kristy is professional, timely, accurate and responsive in all aspects of her work including billing, lien releases, change orders and more. She is exceptionally creative in problem solving and has extensive knowledge and experience with Labor Compliance. She developed an audited and approved Certified Payroll system which includes up-to-date software and an approved certified pension plan with clear and complete documentation.

Ramiro Flores

Vice President / Estimator

Ramiro joined the Pacific Bay Masonry team in early 2012. He brought with him years of both field and estimating experience. He has proven himself to be a very valuable asset. His dedication to detail and good work ethic allows him to generate timely and accurate bids.

Andrew Zarate


Andrew first began with Pacific Bay Masonry as an assistant to the estimating department in 2015. He quickly excelled and has recently been promoted to Estimator. Andrew has a promising future in construction and has proven himself as a valuable member of the Pacific Bay Masonry team.

James Truscott


James started in the masonry industry as a hodcarrier working his way through school in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He began estimating in 1993 and joined the Pacific Bay Masonry team since 2017. With over 20 years of masonry estimating experience, James brings invaluable insight and knowledge to our estimating department.

Chas Pratt

Project Manager / Safety Director

Chas started in the masonry industry working summers in 1998. Throughout his career, he has worked in many roles in both the field and office including laborer, delivery driver, hod-carrier, mason, estimator, and project manager. Chas joined the Pacific Bay Masonry Team since 2017. His diverse experience in the masonry industry has become a valuable asset in running our companies safety program and the day to day field operations.

Mike McGrath


Mike is one of the original founders of Pacific Bay Masonry. He learned the trade as a young man in Ireland and brought dedication, hard work and professionalism with him to the United States in the early ‘80s. Mike is a natural leader and dedicated craftsman. He can lead a crew of any size to complete the most difficult projects and schedules.

Randy Wetmore


Randy joined the Pacific Bay Masonry team in 2002 and brought over 30 years of commercial masonry experience as a respected Mason and “jack of all trades”. Randy can build, operate and fix anything. He has an excellent reputation for coordinating and working well with other subcontractors onsite. He is hard worker who leads by example and doesn’t quit until the job is done.

Malachi Conner Sr


Malachi is one of Pacific Bay’s strongest leaders. Malachi holds each one of his crews to perform fast, clean work on all of his job sites. He is always open to challenging jobs with difficult structural requirements. Malachi, who started working masonry in 1977 with over 25 years of experience as a foreman has proven himself as one of the top foremen in the masonry industry.

Mike Wilson


Mike is one of Pacific Bay Masonry’s most experienced foremen. He began his career as a hodcarrier in the summer of 1979. He continued to progress and became a foreman in 1984. Mike prides himself in having great customer service; as he will go above and beyond to insure that the work performed is always exceeding the expectation of the general contractor. Mike has been with Pacific Bay Masonry since 2017 and he has already proved himself a quality asset to our team.

Richard Pratt


Richard has proved to be a key element to Pacific Bay’s success. Richard who has been in the masonry field since 1971 uses his experience on a daily bias. Richard, who has been running jobs as a foremen since 1976; prides himself in have a high quality finished product that exceed all expectations.

Francisco Flores


Francisco has been with Pacific Bay since 2004. He quickly became a foreman in 2010 leading large crews. He uses his strong communication skills to ensure to keep his crews speedy pace and as a result never being behind schedule. Francisco has proven as one of Pacific Bay’s strongest leaders out in the field.


Pacific Bay Masonry has never had a dispute that required litigation, mediation or arbitration on any project, public or private. All issues are reasonably negotiated and resolved. We use the RFI and bidding process to clearly define our scope to eliminate potential issues from the start. Our bid includes a clear price and scope of all work we plan to perform. Any change orders generated due to changes in our scope are done at a reasonable price and reflect the true cost of the change.

On time, accurate, reliable bids with detailed project scopes are a company priority. Extensive manpower, modern equipment and countless resources allow Pacific Bay Masonry to perform any project.

Clients appreciate our knack to anticipate problems and find creative, effective solutions prior to job delays or added expenses. We are dedicated to working with your management team and other subcontractors to provide Safe, Fast, and Reliable results.